The easiest way to save $$$ on your trip to Tasmania

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The easiest way to save $$$ on your trip to Tasmania

Ask anyone – an island holiday is an epic experience. Always.

But the thing about islands, even quite big ones like Tasmania, is that lots of stuff has to be shipped or flown in, so sometimes things can be expensive.

As Tasmanians ourselves, we’ve got local knowledge on how to keep the price of having a good time on our island as low as possible! The easiest way is:

Hit Tasmania outside peak season

We’ve had people arrive here wearing 5 jackets, expecting Arctic temperatures when they get off the plane – usually because someone in Queensland told them that it’s “freezing”. Thing is, Queenslanders think anything under +20 degrees celsius is freezing. So the guy or girl who’s just got off the plane looking like the michelin man quickly realises that they’ve packed WAY too much gear for their Tasmania trip. Happens all the time.

Just to put it in perspective, Tasmania is 41 degrees south of the equator. Barcelona is 41 degrees north. You can draw the dots 😛

So don’t be afraid to visit Tasmania outside the super busy summer season. You’ll save hundreds of $$ on flights and accommodation and there will be less people to edit out of your selfie at Cradle Mountain. Here’s a rundown on what’s good, when.

October/November is epic for waterfalls – it’s when they’re flowing HARD and roaring like an earthquake. On our Best of Tasmania tour we hit Russell Falls, Montezuma Falls (Tasmania’s highest) and often St Columba Falls on the east coast.


Dark MOFO in Hobart

June/July is when Dark MOFO happens. Australia’s most incredible winter festival, Dark Mofo isphoto-18-6-16 only three years old but already it has an enormous following across the country. Held in Hobart each June, Dark Mofo brings together a celebration of the winter solstice, big music acts, organs made from scrap metal, big fire pits, great food and nude swimming. Even Sydney admits, it’s better than their Vivid festival 😛

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