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Adventure Tasmania

Most people know Tasmania has incredible wilderness and beautiful landscapes, but what about if you want a bit of adventure thrown in for good measure?

If activities to get the pulse racing are what you’re into, you’ve come to the right place. Where to start? Mountain biking!

Over the past 5 years, it’s no exaggeration to say that mountain biking has absolutely erupted in Tasmania. Mount Wellington and the Meehan Range in Hobart have always offered a range of trails. However it was the opening of the Blue Derby trails in 2015 that really put a rocket under Tassie mountain biking. Within 2 years Derby was hosting a round of the World Enduro series and at that point it’s status as one of the greatest MTB destinations was sealed.

Derby covers everything from green, family friendly runs to the double black diamond rated Detonate. In 2018, the launch of Maydena Bike Park brought a gravity enduro focused MTB park only one hour’s drive from Hobart. Maydena is NOT. FOR. THE. FAINT. HEARTED. Grab your full face helmet, a long travel bike and a mug of concrete and get ready to put your brakes through hell. With a shuttle lift to the top, you’ll get through 4-5 runs in a solid day’s riding and let me assure you, that will be enough!

Non riders have options too! 10 minutes from Maydena is Mount Field National Park, part of our Wild West Coast tour. Mount Field is home to magical Russell Falls, giant eucalyptus regnans trees (growing up to 100m in height!) and cute mini wallabies known as pademelons.

If you’re visiting Tasmania’s west coast you’ll have some great MTB options too. As part of the boom in new trails, local and state governments combined in 2018 to fund the West Coast MTB tracks. One of these is a steady ride to Tasmania’s tallest waterfall, Montezuma Falls (if you’d prefer to walk there instead of riding, join our Lap of Tassie Tour!)

The West Coast tracks are best covered over a number of days and are more trail rides rather than single track cross country or downhill blasts. At the end of the day, wherever you tour Tasmania, you’ll have a great MTB track just around the next corner 🙂

adventure tasmania
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